Jat Tehnika HF & Safety Workshop 2014

On 12 June 2014, Jat Tehnika organized for the third time, “HF and Safety Workshop” – “Fighting with (human) errors in aviation” this time in the premises of the Air Serbia Training Center.

The third HF and Safety Workshop is a continuation of our efforts in applying the principles of human factors in aircraft maintenance. We strive to maintain continuity in the subject, and this was an opportunity to introduce and summarize what we have achieved in the past in relation to the key issues of safe working practices in aircraft maintenance. Over time, the theme extended to the “Safety” and related topics from general aviation. This year presentations are about upcoming changes in the legislation for reporting in civil aviation, conducting investigations in the field of maintenance, aspects of security at the airport, as well as risk analysis. We modified the practice of exchanging experiences with colleagues from the region, and this time the participants were only from Serbia. We are very satisfied that this year participants were:

Besides the presentation attendants were able to get into open discussions for better understanding of subjects. The following topics are presented:

  • “Why do we need Jakob Moreno – Small workgroups cohesion “
  • “MEDA – Boeing’s method for the investigation of aircraft maintenance”
  • “The events of importance to the safety of air traffic in 2013 at Airport” Nikola Tesla “”
  • “Press-on-itis – Decision-making & risk”
  • “Safety Reporting – Presentation of regulations and practical issues”
  • “RAT – Risk Assessment Tool”

This year impressions of attendants are very positive, and below are some of them:

  • “Recommendation for organization in future. Possible extension of topics”
  • “Great. In the future, could be a little more Safety and fewer HF. I learned a lot.”
  • “Very interesting presentations and useful exchange of experiences. It has been shown that there is a need for exchange of information on the subject, which resulted in overtime. Proposal for organization of a workshop within two days or more frequently.”
  • “Very useful information, exchange experiences and help in understanding the importance of the human factor in all aspects of aviation”
  • “Excellent topics. Excellent transferred to the workshop participants. Experienced lecturers. Excellent exchange of experiences through discussion “
  • “High quality “workshop” with a lot of running and topics covered”
  • “Extremely helpful and professional. The highest value in the presence of all the relevant factors that affect safety. Engineering, Air Serbia, Airport and DCV, they all had their lectures and contributed to increasing the overall awareness of the human factor in the security system”
  • “Useful and necessary to periodically organize. The only question is the title, the more appropriate “Safety in aviation”. This is a fight for aviation safety in general”