The second regional workshop “Power and Weakness of the Human Factor” – “Fighting the war on maintenance error” organized by Jat Tehnika was held on June 14th 2013, in Jat Tehnika Training Center.

During past seven years, many practical experiences were accumulated in process of implementing the principles of human factor in Jat Tehnika. Team that deals with this topic, continued last year’s idea of sharing experiences with colleagues from the region, both from the aviation industry, training and government.

Human Factor Workshop 2

We are very pleased with list of participants:

Participants on workshop were able to learn and share experience, with team of Jat Tehnika, during presentations and open discussion after each presented topic.

Human Factor Workshop 2

The following topics are presented:

  • Change in behavior – survey results
  • Analysis of the commission and reporting system
  • The risk jobs – Entry into the tank

Feedbacks from participants were positive, and here you can find some of them:

Very nicely designed and well prepared. We were able to hear something new and useful things, and thank you for that.

Practical examples are the best for the adoption of theoretical exposure. The human factor is of paramount importance and needs to be continuously improved, therefore all the praise.

Impressions are good. This way of presentation contributes to better training of young aircraft mechanic. Will use the experience gained from today’s lecture (ATA 28). Lower management structure should have this kind of training.

Outstanding results, keep it up. The proposal is to exchange experiences with ICAO and manufacturers, who have a great list for interviews and investigations.

Interesting presentation, although I am not from aviation. Create more dynamic slides.

The three topics of the workshop are well treated in a way to present that some positive steps forward. It is obvious goal, even “small” things. The sum of “small” things = Serious results!

Human Factor Workshop 2

Prepared by Workshop Team: Smilja Josipovic, Dobrica Vincic, Rade Savic, Darko Radas, Mitar Seslija, Dragan Bogdanovic, Maja Mihajlovic.